katie makes, LLC.
graphic design



Katie mcnabb, Graphic designer

(with a side of talking people into things)

Ever since forever I have loved talking people into things! What do I mean? Well, it started writing persuasive papers to my parents, convincing them to let me get a myspace + switch middle schools, evolved into persuading college marketing classes that our new tortilla chip ideas were best, and eventually moved into selling the latest and greatest watches + handbags at the local mall. Time passes, as it does, and since leaving the 9-5, the things I love to do play to the tune of katie makes, LLC. I love showcasing ideas, brands, new products, (anything you can think of!) through design that’s not only beautiful, but design that makes sense.

From wedding invitations to logos to branding to business cards, there's something about clean, eye-catching, well thought out design that emulates LIFE - and that's what I love most.

Say hello! I'd love to work with you.